This Whitepaper details Moobags' value proposition, the app mechanism, the $MBAGS Tokenomics, and Roadmap. Moonbags is a project incubated by the SolPod team ($SOLPOD).

Moonbags Value Proposition

With the recent meme-coin mania on Solana, many investors have accumulated a huge selection of tokens in their wallets. The problem is many of these tokens/projects have slowly died and are not worth the time & effort to swap manually, yet if you could sell them all at once without any hassle, then you could easily free up stuck capital!

Moonbags solves this problem by allowing investors to scan their wallet, select the tokens they want to sell using a simple slider tool (that selects the threshold for ">$amount"). So when someone wants to sell all their tokens that are worth under $15 USD it can be done using that slider to select ">$15". This allows them to extract any remaining value in forgotten or unwanted coins, whilst also cleaning up their wallet. Current alternatives focus on burn solutions, which return minimal value compared to the market value.

1. Non-manual + non-burn Value Extraction

They key reason why investors do not sell all their forgotten small-value bags is due to the laborous process it would require to swap the 10-100s of tokens in their wallet. By automating this through Moonbags, the value of these tokens can be extracted with just one click. Considering how many tokens are collected in an investor's wallet over time, this can amount to a large SOL/USD value, even if each bag is only worth a couple of dollars. Additionaly, current automated alternatives utilise burn methods, which return severely undervalued amounts for your tokens. In our test run we found that a wallet containing 400-500 dead tokens tokens returned ~$132 via moonbags, whilst it return only ~$21 via sol incinerator (burn based). Our swap method - detailed in the Moonbags mechanism section - is vastly superior, returning you the value you deserve.

2. Clean your wallet

An additional benefit is that Moonbags clears your wallet of any clutter, making it easier to oversee your investments. By selling off your unwanted/low value coins, you can focus on your current winners with a more pleasant trading experience.

3. Deflationary Tokenomics + fair launch

Lastly, $MBAGS holders will benefit from our deflationary Tokenomics, as an allocation of fees generated by the Moonbags App is used to buyback and burn $MBAGS (see $MBAGS token). Our team is also committed to a fair launch via pinksale.finance and will be doxxed to give our holders the utmost security and faith in their investments.

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