This white paper details SolPod's vision, Passive Income Mechanism, Roadmap, Tokenomics, the $SOLPOD token + benefits and our incubated projects.

What is Solpod

Solpod is an Incubator for Web3 dApps that generate revenue and benefit holders from its line of products. Ideas are born within our community and executed by our team in order to reward holders. We focus on finding problems in the Web3 space, and finding solutions to those problems and building them. By leveraging both our team and established community, we are able to create an ideal incubation environment, with the team covering the ideation, development, strategy and marketing aspects whilst the community assists in ideation, product feedback/improvement and establishing a community for each product.

SolPod as an incubator

How does it work?

Solpod builds dApps that have service fees, of which $SOLPOD holders get a kickback on every project.

We are beginning with our Flagship product Moonbags.App, as our first product in line. You can read more about how $MBAGS works on the official white paper (see SolPod-incubated Projects).

As we build other products that are uniquely positioned in the market to solve a problem that other projects/people have not/could not solve, we take the vested interest of Solpod holders in mind, providing monetary passive income.

Our team

Leveraging our team's skillset

Elian Rosswag Elian amassed a wide range of skillsets in the previous bullrun ranging from his role as Web3 Research Analyst, partaking in the Web3 KickStart Emerge program, to being the the UK Regional Head of Sales at Agora - a L2E platform. However, he specialises in Business development & Community Management having been the Head of Business Development & Marketing at London Blockchain Labs for 3 years and one of the Co-founders of the UCL Blockchain Society. At SolPod, he has leveraged this expertise to build a community and form partnerships within the Solana ecosystem to establish SolPod's presence, as well as assisting in the innovation process to maximise SolPod's community benefits.

Reza Dehghani Reza, who is an early adopter of digital assets, offers a wealth of experience with regards to consulting on strategy (ex: taking a dApp to market), development and marketing with a specialisation in trending. His role in these three core pillars contribute to the success of each product line's execution strategy since he has consulted, analysed and observed final outcomes of countless projects since 2017. Reza who is a director in both TokenPromoters.com and Updooter.com provides unconditional and at-cost marketing, development and trending services while providing us with strategy in-home for all incubated products from SolPod.

Sam Mosapor Sam's skillset is unique in that all of his life he has been an early adopter of technologies, therefore able to capitalize on early movers advantage before major adoption. His professional experience is a culmination of Sales & Marketing, Grassroots Entrepreneurship, Team Building & Management, Communication and more. Essentially, at the core Sam is a natural leader and a together bringer of comunities and great talents. Sam was onboarded by Elian as co-pilot for Solpod. Moonbags was an idea that was born by Sam; his unique ability to spot problems, cook & communicate ideas, and adapt to fast changing conditions gives our team extra arsenal to continue to build long into the future.

The Revenue Sharing Model

Revenue sharing is a financial arrangement where revenue generated from a particular business activity is distributed among the stakeholders or partners involved. This model is widely used in various industries, including media, software, and sports, to align the interests of parties involved and incentivize their contributions to the success of a project or business.

Model benefits for SolPod as an incubator

1. Incentivization:

It incentivizes individuals to hold $SOLPOD, as they stand to gain from the success and expansion of the $SOLPOD Incubator's product lines.

2. Alignment of Interests:

By tying the rewards of $SOLPOD holders to the success of its product lines, Moonbags aligns the interests of its stakeholders with the success of its projects. This can encourage $SOLPOD holders to contribute towards, promote, or support the projects in any way they can - allowing us to jumpstart the community-building aspect of any launched product.

3. Decentralization of Revenue:

Instead of centralizing all profits within the company, Moonbags distributes a portion of its earnings among a wider group of stakeholders, promoting a more community-driven business model - which sits at the very heart of what Web3/blockchain technology aims to represent.

Model benefits for $SOLPOD holders

1. Fee Collection:

Each product we product will collect a fee for providing a service. For example. Moonbags collects a 30% fee on transactions or services provided. This fee is the revenue generated from the business activities facilitated by Moonbags.

2. Distribution to SOLPOD Holders:

A portion of this collected fee is then distributed among $SOLPOD holders. The distribution is made in the form of $SOL, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain. This means that by holding $SOLPOD, individuals are entitled to receive a share of the revenue generated by e.g. Moonbags.

3. Application Across Product Lines:

The same revenue-sharing principle is applied to every product line that gets added to the SolPod Incubator. This means that as the SolPod Incubator expands by adding more products or services, the revenue streams, contributing to the pool from which $SOLPOD holders benefit, also increase. This creates an ecosystem where the growth of the incubator directly benefits the holders of $SOLPOD, potentially increasing the value of holding such assets over time.

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