📲Project incubation

To maximise the success of product launches, and therefore revenue production, we go through a rigorous incubation process backed by our team & community.

1) Market Research + Ideation

The very first stage involved performing market research and ideating a product. In particular, Sam and Elian's retail trading experience provides a retail trader's perspective, whilst Reza's extensive knowledge in development and strategy allows him to build upon and improve on such ideas. We focus on identifying problems and finding solutions that have not been previously done, or that could be improved. We focus on Web3/Defi - in particular providing tools that help traders. Additionally, the community is often involved in this process, by providing their trading experience and need for products, resulting in a mass decentralised ideation process that does not exist amongst any other incubators. Therefore, the combinatoin of our team's skillset and strong community, we are able to research & ideate tools and products that are needed in the crypto space.

2) Passive income

One of the key aims of SolPod is to provide passive income for $SOLPOD holders. Therefore, we always ensure our products are revenue-producing, or provide some form of value to our holders. Within this, we consider the scalability, applicability and long-term suitability of the revenue stream that a product produces.

3) Launch Strategy

Each product is different and there is no one-size fits all solution to our launch strategy. This is where Reza's expertise adds huge value. Through his varied experience in consulting an advising many projects in the crypto space, he is able to provide the most optimal launch strategy for each product. This can include IDO, ICO, pinksale presale etc. Additionally, through Token Promoters and Updooters he is able to provide any marketing services a product may require, at cost.

SolPod's community also plays a vital role in our Launch strategy. They aid in forming the backbone of the new product's community, serve as an existing user base and provide exposure to the launch.

4) Development + Beta Testing

Once again our development and beta testing is a combined effort between our team and community. Reza through his experience in development is able to develop the product as well as consult on what can't and can't be done, and the best way to do it. Often we onboard extra paid devs to bring the product to market in a timely manner.

The community provides a beta-testing user base. They are able to assist in improving the product by providing feedback, as well as new ideas or functions that the product could have. Therefore, once the product is launched publicly, it is already miles ahead in its development cycle. Elian and Sam help facilitate this by actively engaging with the community and reporting back feedback to discuss within the core SolPod team, in order to implement it within product launches.

5) Go-to Market Strategy

The go-to-market strategy is also heavily facilitated by token promoters and updooter. They can provide any marketing service that a newly launching product may require. Through Reza's experience in consulting on project launches we are able to best prepare for launch, as well as adapt quickly to any problems we may face.

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